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The Ecuadorian-based Collective “Desbordes de Gener@” emerged in 2007 from class discussions on gender, sexuality, belonging thanks to the unconditional support of the Gender and Cultural Studies Graduate Program as well as the Visual Anthropology Program at FLACSO/Ecuador located in Quito.

The way we perceive what it means to be a ‘man’, a ‘woman’, ‘masculine’, ‘feminine’ differ drastically from person to person and even more from one community to another as it is constructed and influenced by societal normative ideas. As a collective, DESBORDES DE GENER@ explores some of the ways a strategic combination between the material spaces of the classroom and the university (the academe), Dionisios Art/Culture/Identity Theater, the streets, the plazas, the traditional salsa clubs in Quito, LGBT activists, graduate students and academics from FLACSO/Ecuador emerge as maps to re-draw the city, the production of knowledge, our bodies, sexuality, gender.

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: In creating an English version of this website, a lot of thought went into how to translate the groups name "Desbordes de Géner@." In Spanish, Desbordes works quite well conceptually because the @ symbol represents both the masculine and feminine form of the word "gender." And, since one of the goals of our group is to rethink and redefine gender, the modern @ symbol is a progressive and conscious decision to blend together or recreate the lines of gender even within the Spanish language.

The first part of their name, "Desbordes" literally means to overflow or to overwhelm in English. But, in Spanish it has a much different connotation. It encompasses all of the processes associated with going beyond the frontiers or borders of gender. Thus, a possible English equivalency could be "Going beyond (fe)male" where the play on the words "male" and "female" being combined approximates the use of the @ to combine the masculine and feminine form of gender in Spanish.

However, rather than use any translation that would only come close to but not fully give justice to the complexity of the Spanish name, we have decided to leave the groups name throughout the website untranslated as "Desbordes de Géner@" with the hope that this explanation helps the reader to better understand the group's name and meaning.


Desbordes de Géner@ will be part of the remodeling and relaunch process of
Dionisios Art/Culture/Identity theater.
website's English translation by friend of the Collective, Josh Faden, American University
and Hu Ang (Juan Zabala) member of Desbordes de Géner@, FLACSO/Ecuador

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